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HK VOIP 852-35021323
2013/1/4 17:03:53
Product Description:

 You can use Internet phone through the broadband service with two-ways telecommunicaton to Hong Kong when you place in oversea.It does not have not have any IDD charge,because of through the Internet.
It dose not change your dial-up style from both sides that just like gives calls to HK normal phone number and every HK phone's number also can receive or call your number when you in overseas.

?The HK phone number can use within every country?

?Oversea user can uses an individual HK phone number?

?Can we join a member if we are fewer uses IDD or never use?

Anyone call up 3608xxxx in HK (if you are in oversea)->Free For Charge!!!

You can use 3608xxxx call up any HK phone number when you in oversea. ->Free For Charge!!!

Because of this number can use within the broadband network in the world. Also, it can upgrade your company’s image in the globe market! It's really useful and helpful for yourself use or business opportunity.


Advantage of Product

Floating Broadband Service: individual HK phone number can substitute for HK, oversea or office use. (Quality voice receive and Fax Service improved)
Unlimited Call: VOIP Phone can provide point to multi-points or multi-point to point of free unlimited calls for local or oversea.
Business Trip: bringing the VOIP Phone or software within the trip equal by bring the HK phone number together. It can make or receive any phone call, mobile, Fax and 999. Also, it can save the huge IDD expense.
Advantage of Long Distance Call: lower IDD charge when you are calling other country with this VOIP Phone. E.g. give call to Thailand from Pakistan equal the HK give call to Thailand. (Each IDD call must be base on HK IDD Charge List)
  ( Or join the Gold SOHO Plan, Unlimited calls to over 20 countries without “IDD Charges”!)
Family or Friends In Oversea: both side can be save on “Money” if you send the VOIP Phone as a gift.
Over Office: increase the business image in the globe market list
Operation: easy to connect the system as same as the normal home phone and also can connect the answer machine system, too. .
Payment: monthly charge base and do not disburse the highly expense.

  Tel:852-3502 1323,86-755 2888 3800 Fax:852-3007 1228 Add:Flat 07, 1/F Block A, Sun Sing Centre,8 Sun Sing Street, Shau Kei Wan, Hong Kong
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