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Internet phone service, including the project:
1.to provide a phone number (phone number)
2.Free use. Hardware - Voice Gateway (a deposit of RMB ¥ 300 yuan / Department)
3.technical staff on-site installation services, maintenance of life (also not home, direct remote installation)


Service use charges that:
1.RMB ¥ 228 yuan / number / month, calls to all fixed-line telephone, mobile phone, or even 999, completely free, unlimited when he was playing, answering completely free.

2.free IDD service, free open, dial the phone, regardless of short-haul, regardless of the fixed-line telephone or cell phone number, do not distinguish China Mobile or China Unicom also or China Telecom, all shall be RMB ¥ 0.12 / minute; in China IDD, is also charged IDD charges as a starting point, for example, in accordance with Hong Kong

3.Very low IDD charges to call in every corner of the world. Example -> Australia call South Africa to call South Africa IDD charges into account. Guangdong call the Philippines to call Philippines IDD charges into account. Taiwan call Macau to call Macao IDD charges into account. All IDD issued in Hong Kong as the center point.

Service use cases illustrate:

The Shenzhen Enterprise A frequent business dealings with Hong Kong enterprises in Shenzhen A selection of our Internet phone service, we provide a phone number and a voice gateway. Hong Kong Internet phone connection to the Internet, it can be unlimited arbitrary call all telephone numbers in Hong Kong. (Shenzhen Enterprise A Hong Kong Internet phone connection to your own internal telephone exchange, this distribution of more than one extension number out to multiple colleagues, and China Telecom landline no difference)

So calculated, Shenzhen Enterprise A month communications costs only RMB ¥ 228.00 yuan whole - Value

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