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Group Network
2013/1/4 17:03:21
Product Description:

 Your company's staff,office or customer network shall suffuse in the world and needs communicate or always follow-up or refer the cases.
In suggestion,Hong Kong can be your mid-stage communication centre to connect each office,staff or customers if you already set-up the Internet phone system.Because of all phone number must be set-in with one HK fixed phone number.It must save the long distance call fee ig receipt any question from HK or oversea and it can valuable for you business development.
Although,our Internet phone can uses two-ways telecommunication,poit to many points and Golden SOHO plan services for every user to suitable your huge business opportunities.But,if you can follow the diagram above in the same time that it must be very useful and helpful to develop your business opportunity with the unlimited marker in the world.

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